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Beth Jupp
1995 National Champion
Mamage with Shan
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Under the Radar

Mamage is the all-time most winning English Pleasure stallion and his foals have been following in his hoof prints for years. We have watched him in the show ring and have followed the careers of his offspring. Mamage has been adding stretch, balance and hind end to all of his foals and has been passing along his good temperament and trainability. We have witnessed his foals consistently win year after year, and so in 2007, we decided to breed our best Saddlebred mare to him. The result of this cross was the very best foal we have ever bred! He is the foal that every breeder and trainer hopes to get."

With limited numbers, Mamage has sired a battery of impressive show horses. His half arabians are astounding and as a purebred sire he offers a valuable outcross for all Huckleberry Bey bred mares."

There is a dependable consistency when Mamage hits the ring. His presence, balance from his engaged hocks forward to his equally high front end, great hinge at the poll, and quality of gait never change. I have now had the opportunity to judge his offspring as well as train several young horses by Mamage and find the same qualities exist in them as well. I think Mamage has proven himself to be as consistent a producer as he has been a great performer."

I've always thought the two most important qualities in an English Pleasure horse are the strength of their hind legs and the ability to hinge their neck. Mamage is extremely strong behind and has as flexible a neck and poll as any purebred I've seen. There is a dependable consistency when Mamage hits the ring. His presence, balance from his engaged."

I have had the opportunity to watch and judge Mamage through the years and have always admired his strength, motion, and talent ... Mamage is always one that we consider when breeding or buying prospects."

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